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1. Getting Started

I'm new to rail. How do I get started?

Review New to CSX or Rail. This will help start you off on the right track. Do you have questions about whether shipping by rail is right for you? Contact our New Business Development team at Merchandise@csx.com.

How do I know if rail will work at my facility?

Our Service Start-up team can help make sure that your facility is rail served and your track is serviceable, and that CSX serves your location and can meet your service needs. Contact the Service Start-up team member in your area.

What if I am not located on rail? How can I take advantage of the economies of shipping by rail?

If you don't have direct access to tracks, then intermodal service, TRANSFLO or warehousing may be a solution.

  • With intermodal service, your freight is loaded into trailers, which are trucked to the railroad and loaded onto a train. When the train reaches the destination, the trailers are loaded back onto a truck and delivered to the site of your choice. Learn more .
  • With TRANSFLO, truckloads of product are consolidated and transferred onto rail cars. At the shipment destination, the product is transferred from the rail cars to trucks, which can deliver to multiple nonrail-served locations. Visit TRANSFLO .
  • CSX serves more than 300 warehouses located in and near every major market in the Eastern United States. These warehouses link shippers and receivers of raw materials and finished goods. Learn more about Warehouse Services.

Can I purchase property with rail access?

Our Industrial Development team maintains a list of more than 3,000 available rail-served sites. They will help you purchase or locate a business at a rail-served facility. Learn more

I want to import/export my product from/to Mexico, Canada or overseas. Can I still use rail?

Yes. CSX has an experienced International team ready and able to answer your international transportation questions. Learn more

Is rail safe for my product?

Yes, rail makes great sense for many products. With the proper car type and loading plan, you can safely ship many types of products. Talk to our Load and Engineering Services experts about safely loading and securing your product.

2. Pricing

How can I get a price quote from CSX?

If you are not a current CSX customer but would like pricing information, contact our New Business Development team at NBD@csx.com.

If you're already a customer, log in to the ShipCSX Price Lookup tool to get a price for a specific general merchandise move. You can search by origin, destination and commodity to find the price for your specific shipping requirements.

What information do I need to request a price?

You will need the product description, shipment origin, destination rail stations and the names of the serving railroads.

What is a STCC?

A STCC (pronounced "stick") is a Standard Transportation Commodity Code. It is up to 7 digits and defines a unique product (e.g., coiled steel, flour, coal, etc.).

How do I find the STCC for my commodity?

Check the Commodities section for the product you are shipping. Many of them include STCC listings. Or in the ShipCSX Price Lookuptool, go to Step 2, select ‘Search by Price List’ and click the down arrow on the Price List drop-down menu. Select an item and click the ‘View Details’ link to the right of the field to see commodities and STCCs.

How do I get a bundled price to include rail, transloading or warehousing to my final destination?

CSX and its subsidiary, TRANSFLO, can provide transloading of your bulk commodities. Contact your TRANSFLO Regional Business Manger today, visit www.TRANSFLO.net or call 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 3.  CSX also partners with independent warehouses to provide warehouse services.  For more information on CSX’s Warehouse network, refer to our website at CSX Warehouse Services.

Can I see private contract prices?

If you are logged in to ShipCSX, you can look up any published private contract price for the company name registered with your ShipCSX User ID.

What is a price authority?

A price authority is a written agreement that may contain rates, routes, and/or provisions for specific services. A price authority may be a contract, quote or public tariff.

What is Rule 11?

Rule 11 refers to the practice of each carrier separately billing for rail charges for an interline shipment (a shipment that requires 2 railroads). As a rule of thumb, if you request Rule 11 freight charge billing, you will get a freight bill from each rail carrier that touches your load.

Can I retrieve Interline prices?

A+B Pricing is a feature of the ShipCSX Price Lookup tool. It allows the instant creation of interline prices with participating Class 1 carriers. If you enter a query from CSXT or its short-line partners to a participating Class 1 carrier using the STCC/Commodity search option, you will be presented with equipment options available for a rate. When you select one of those options, a rate is returned if one is available. You will have the option to Accept Price, which will publish your rate for the listed effective period. You can print this screen for a record of this publication.

3. ShipCSX, eBusiness

How do I get a User ID and Password for ShipCSX?

Complete the ShipCSX registration. Once it has been processed, an eBusiness representative will contact you to set up any training.

How do I go about conducting transactions with CSX?

To get information and manage the day-to-day business transactions necessary for shipping by rail, we recommend using electronic transaction tools. Learn more about CSX transactions and tools.

Do I have to use ShipCSX for transactions? My company has its own computer system.

In addition to ShipCSX, our web-based transaction tool, CSX also uses EDI. Learn about EDI.

Contact our eBusiness experts to figure out which tool works best for you: 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2.

4. Ordering and Loading Cars

Do I have to use a certain car for the products I ship?

Certain products require specific car types to safely ship your products. Contact a sales representative for the commodity you are shipping or the Load Engineering group.

How do I order an empty car to be loaded?

Order cars online with ShipCSX Car Order. ShipCSX allows you to order all of your cars at any time of day, and you get immediate on-screen confirmation of your order. Learn more

What are the guidelines for ordering cars?

Some customers regularly order cars every week; others order cars as needed. Car orders may be placed up to 6 weeks in advance. To place a car order within a 7 day window, you will need to submit a change request to Car Management via the Car Order Screen.

How do I change or cancel a car order?

Use the ShipCSX Car Order screen to change or cancel a car order. To adjust a car order within a 7-day window, you will need to submit a change request to Car Management via the Car Order Screen. For car orders outside the 7-day window, if no cars have been placed or constructively placed, the car order can be canceled or the number of cars can be changed. If a portion of the cars you ordered have been placed or constructively placed the number of cars ordered can only be reduced down to that amount.

What is the best way to load my rail cars?

Our Load Engineering And Design Services (LEADS)  team is widely recognized as one of the best in the business. Visit the LEADS page for contact information.

What are dunnage and airbags? Why do I need them?

These are tools used to secure and protect your products. This also ensures the safety of your employees, railroad workers and the public.

How do I release a loaded car?

To release loaded cars from your facility, or request other car-switching activity at your site, you must submit a plant switch request. Learn about CSX plant switch tools.

5. Shipping Instructions/Bill of Lading

What are shipping instructions and why are they important?

Also known as a bill of lading (BOL), shipping instructions initiate your shipment and provide CSX with information necessary to release, pull, deliver and properly bill your shipment. Movement of a shipment cannot begin until shipping instructions have been submitted.

How do I submit shipping instructions to CSX?

CSX requires that shipping instructions be submitted electronically, using ShipCSX Shipping Instructions, EDI or a third party. Read about CSX shipping instruction tools.

6. During and After Shipping

What if I think there may be a problem with my shipment?

To inquire about a shipment problem, use the ShipCSX Shipment Problem Resolution tool (learn more). It’s fast and easy.

Or call Customer Service: 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), options 5 - 6. You will need a User ID and PIN. Learn more

What is demurrage? How do I manage it?

Demurrage describes the charges from holding cars beyond the time allowed for loading or unloading. Using First In – First Out (FIFO) will help reduce demurrage. CSX offers online tools and ideas you can use as well. Refer to the CSX 8100 Publication for rules regarding demurrage.

Is car cleaning really necessary?

Yes, it really is. It is a requirement in the UFC-6000 that all receivers clean the cars before returning them to the rail carriers.

What if my product is damaged while in transit?

If you suspect damage occurred in transit, use the ShipCSX Freight Claims tool (learn more) to report it or call 1-800-432-1032.

7. Credit, Billing and Payment

What is Rule 29?

Rule 29, (Uniform Freight Classification Tariff-UFC 6000) applies to shipments requiring 2 or more open cars to accommodate long or bulky articles. No series of more than 4 car minimum weights will apply on all lead cars with 24,000 minimum (unless tariff excepted) on each idler.

Where can I find out about the fuel surcharge?

Visit the fuel surcharge overview page.

How do I pay my freight bills?

CSX recommends that payments be made electronically. Read about our electronic payment options. If you have questions about establishing credit, freight bill receipt or payment preferences, call the Credit Administration department at 904-366-3807.

If I don't have established credit with CSX, how is payment handled?

If you have not established credit with us, 2 policies apply: For prepaid shipments, freight and other accrued transportation charges must be paid prior to release of the shipment to the railroad. For collect shipments, all transportation charges must be paid prior to placement of the shipment at the destination.