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EDI and B2B


EDI is the exchange of data between computer systems, using standard document formats known as transaction sets. It is extremely useful if you routinely transmit large volumes of repetitive documents.

Why Use EDI?
  • Reduces costs for administration and materials
  • Data is processed quickly and accurately
EDI Transaction Sets Supported at CSX
  • EDI 301 (PDF) - Intermodal container yard equipment booking
  • EDI 322 (PDF) - Equipment tracking, parameter trace, event notification
  • EDI 404 Railcar (PDF) - Submit rail shipping instructions and corrections
  • EDI 404 Intermodal (PDF) - Submit intermodal shipping instructions and corrections
  • EDI 410 (PDF) - Receive freight bills
  • EDI 417 (PDF) - View a waybill
  • EDI 418 (PDF) - Rail advance interchange consist
  • EDI 423 (PDF) - Plant switch list
  • EDI 820 (PDF) - Pay freight bills
  • EDI 998 (PDF) - Void shipping instructions
Response/Control Transactions
  • EDI 824 (PDF) - Application acknowledgement
  • EDI 997 (PDF) - Functional acknowledgement

CSX follows the Rail Industry EDI Guidelines, available at www.wpc-edi.com.
NIT - League messages
CLM - Rail car tracking
CLU - Fleet maintenance updates

CSX follows the National Industrial Transportation League's Rail Users' Manual for CLM and CLU messages, available at www.nitl.org/publications.htm.

B2B (Business to Business)

B2B is a secure communications tool for exchanging data between computer systems, using any file format. It is useful if you do not have the capability to create EDI documents, as CSX can transform your data files into our preferred format and vice versa.

Why Use B2B?
  • Eliminates the need to use another company, or VAN (Value Added Network), to translate file formats
  • Eliminates delays and additional costs associated with using VANs
  • Includes the capability to make changes to data
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) supported by CSX:
  • Unsecured
  • Secured
    • SSL
    • AS2
    • SSH
  • SMTP (email)

For help with FTP-based data communications, contact B2B@csx.com.