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iSupplier Portal Information

I’ve lost access to iSupplier portal. How do I get to the portal?

My iSupplier portal password doesn’t work. How do I reset password?

I need to change my remit to address.

I would like to be added as a contact.


Invoicing, Payment, and Purchase Orders

How do I add tax to my invoice?

How do I get my invoice paid?

Why hasn’t my invoice paid?

When can I expect payment for my invoices?

What if my original invoice was cancelled or rejected?

What do I do when Accounts Payable tells me it does not “see” my invoices in the system?

Why can’t I see my PO?



What should I do if my Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) invoice is rejected?

I am having an EDI issue.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments

What is the preferred payment method for CSX suppliers?

I need to update my banking or EFT information.

I updated my banking, but I have had a returned payment. What do I do?

Why don't I get backup (remittance notices) for my EFT?


Virtual Credit Card Payments

What is the preferred payment method for CSX suppliers?



My check was lost or damaged.



What if my Unit Of Measure (UOM) can’t be changed and does not match CSX’s?



I have a favorite carrier that I do business with. Can I continue to use “John Doe Trucking” when shipping to CSX?

As a supplier or carrier, what information is critical to successful pick-up, delivery and billing of transportation charges?

Once I receive a purchase order from CSX, how do I arrange shipping?


investment Recovery

Can I purchase scrap ties for landscaping?

Do you have any cabooses for sale?



How do I get a CSX Sales Tax Exemption Form?

My company is being bought/merged with another company. What do I do?