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Shipping Materials

Instructions for the transportation of company materials to and from suppliers, and from store locations to stock/application locations on the railroad. Modes include motor carrier, air cargo and rail.

Suppliers who do not comply with CSX's routing instructions may be held responsible for the payment and cost of using an unapproved carrier.

Routing Instructions for Shipping Materials
  • Rail Shipments: Orders for cars should be placed through the ShipCSX Car Order tool. ShipCSX is our secure transaction web tool. Call the ShipCSX Help Desk for instructions on how to become a registered user of ShipCSX: 1-877-744-7279, options 2 - 1. Any supplier site that is off line may order cars by calling 904-359-3132 or 904-359-1056

  • For ground shipments, less rail car shipments, CSX Transportation has selected the following vendors:

    • Parcel – UPS Worldship

    • LTL – UPS Worldship

    • TL & Expedites – Kee Logistics/Armstrong Transport

The following routing instructions will be utilized when facilitating loads:

  1. Shipments will be considered less than truckload shipments (LTL) when the per package shipment is no greater than 10,000 pounds and over 75 pounds per package. These shipments will be routed through providing either a Purchase Order Number or Freight Accounting for CSX Transportation.
  2. Shipments will be considered truckload shipments (TL) when the per package weight is greater than 10,000 pounds. These shipments will be routed through Transportation Insight providing either a Purchase Order Number or Freight Accounting for CSX Transportation.
  3. Shipments will be considered small package when the per package weight is less than 75 pounds. These shipments will be routed through UPS World Ship utilizing the CSX Transportation Account Number 0X85F2.  Internal business partners and valued suppliers are required to place the PURCHASE ORDER NUMBER on all small package shipments

Failure to comply with the routing instructions of CSX Transportation will result in significant penalties, including but not limited to the difference in the freight paid versus CSX Transportation’s contractual rate, plus a handling fee of $200 per occurrence. These penalties will be taken as credits against CSX Transportation payments to the offending supplier.

For questions regarding the routing instructions for ground shipments, less rail car, may be directed to [email protected].

Safety Instructions for Shipping Materials

  • Safety – It is your responsibility to make sure that all shipments are handled, loaded and unloaded with safety as the first priority. Each shipment, loading, or unloading assignment starts with knowledge of the task and a job briefing that includes all personnel involved. Remember that no job is so urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
  • PPE – CSXT has a required policy for the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for contractors, truck drivers, service and delivery personnel, customers, visitors and employees while on company property. All personnel and contractors must wear protective eyewear, hard hats, steel-toed safety shoes, long pants, and shirts with sleeves. Finger rings, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry shall be removed prior to entering CSXT property. Hearing protection must be used in areas marked “Hearing Protection Required.” Access to CSXT buildings, offices, platforms and ramps should be limited to main aisles and those areas marked as green “safe walkways.” Work areas and red zones should be avoided if possible.
  • Vehicle Operation – When on CSXT property, drivers must operate their vehicles within the posted speed limit and obey all traffic indicators including yield and stop signs. Drivers must not operate over a railroad grade crossing unless it is safe to do so and must be alert for movement of trains, locomotives, cars or other railroad equipment at all times, in all directions, on all tracks. Grade crossings in yards may not have active warning devices. It is the driver’s responsibility to cross any tracks safely. Do not cross tracks ahead of moving railroad equipment.
  • Working Near Tracks – Drivers should not perform any duties within fifteen feet (15’) of any railroad operating track without first contacting CSXT for permission to do so; CSXT will then advise the driver under what conditions and precautions the driver may perform his/her duties near said track.
  • Environmental – All materials must be handled and shipped in compliance with all government regulations and company policy. Hazardous materials must be properly placarded and noted on the bill of lading. Important: Do not ship hazardous materials by an air carrier. This includes fuel in any quantity or used injectors or other components containing fuel or fuel residue. Hazardous materials should only be shipped according to CSXT procedures. If you do not know such procedures, find out first, before you ship. Heavy fines can be levied against the company and individual violators.
  • Accountability – Each shipment request must include a CSXT reference number to identify responsibility. The bill of lading and freight invoice must include a Purchase Order Number, PROJECT and TASK code, an AFE number, an OUTSIDE PARTY (OP) number or a CSXT ORACLE EXPENDITURE ORGANIZATION provided by the person making the shipment request.