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Fuel Surcharge

CSX’s fuel surcharge program uses ALK Technology’s PC*Miler|Rail as its source mileage. It is anticipated that the mileage table will be updated, allowing time for programming, as updates from ALK Technologies become available.

Updated Mileages for CSXT Mileage-Based (HDF) Fuel Surcharge

On March 1, 2019 CSXT will update to PC*Miler|Rail version 25 for application to CSXT’s fuel surcharge program. As updates from ALK Technologies become available, it is anticipated that CSXT will update the mileages to stay current.

With the updated PC*Miler|Rail version 25, rail mileage may change for particular routes. This can affect the price calculation for customers using highway-diesel fuel (HDF) based fuel surcharge. Please be alert to such changes on your freight bill.

For details regarding the update to PC*Miler|Rail version 25, see the ALK Technologies website. ALK Technologies is a private software company. Updates to PC*Miler are the exclusive decision of ALK Technologies and are not dictated or controlled by CSXT.

If you have any questions regarding this enhancement, please contact the eBusiness Team at 877-744-7279, option 2 or email FSC_Questions@csx.com.

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Fuel Surcharge Status Report

View current and scheduled fuel surcharge.

Fuel Prices

Monthly closing price of Highway Diesel Fuel or the daily closing price of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil.

Tariffs and Publications

View fuel surcharge details in:
CSXT Publication 8661-C (PDF) (Effective January 1, 2015)
HDF CSXT Fuel Surcharge Publication 8661-B (PDF) (Expires December 31, 2014)
CSXT Fuel Surcharge Publication 8662 (PDF) (Expires December 31, 2021)

Fuel Surcharge Archive

View historical fuel surcharge data.