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Railroad Dictionary



NAM See National Account Manager.
Name Change (ARZ) When a patron's name is changed to a name not already listed in ARZ.
Nameplate A plate affixed to a device giving the manufacturer's name and other information.
National Account Manager A person responsible for all sales representatives who work for him/her at a specific location.
NCSC National Customer Service Center in Pittsburgh, PA.
NEC Not Elsewhere Classified. Term applied in tariff publications or for articles generic in nature and not specifically identified.
Negative Plate The grid and active material to which the current flows from the external circuit when the battery is discharging.
Nested Articles packed one within another.
Net Amount The balance, or difference between, the debit and credit columns. A minus sign indicates a credit balance or payment in excess of the debit, and no sign indicates a debit balance of payment less than the debit amount.
Net Ton 2,000 pounds.
Net Ton-Mile The movement of a net ton of freight one mile.
Net Weight The weight of the lading.
Net Wrap Unitizing plastic netting for wrapping the product. Is applied either by stretching or shrinking. Differs from shrink or stretch wrap in that it permits air to fully circulate around pallet loads to prevent condensation.
No Pay Freight Bill This occurs when the customer declines to pay freight charges as billed.
Nobill A car without forwarding instructions or an associated waybill.
NOIBN Not Otherwise Identified By Number. See NEC.
Non-Agency Station A station without an assigned agent. Work is performed by train crews or by personnel at another station. Shipments to non-agency stations must generally be prepaid.
Non-Alignment Locomotive A locomotive that is not equipped with alignment control couplers or coupler limiting blocks.
Non-Automatic Signal A signal controlled manually.
Non-Competitive Traffic Traffic for which there is no competition between transportation lines.
Non-Composite Scale Test Car A two or four axle scale test car with an outside to outside wheel base of not less than seventeen feet and consisting of a fabricated body.
Non-Rail Destination The destination of a shipment (usually intermodal) to a non-rail location to which the load is transported from a rail point for further shipping. Special rates apply to the entire shipment from the rail origin to the non-rail destination.
Non-Rail Origin The origination of a shipment (usually intermodal) is a non-rail location from which the shipment is transported to a rail point for further shipment. Special rates apply to the entire shipment from the non-rail location to the final destination which may be a rail or non-rail point.
Non-Revenue Waybill A waybill authorizing the movement of a car for which earnings will not be made.
Non-Transit (AKA Deficit Weight) Tonnage in car over and above actual transit weight.
Normal Speed The maximum authorized speed shown in the timetable.
NOS Not Otherwise Shown. See NEC.
Notify on Arrival The drayman or other party to notify when a shipment is available for receipt at destination rail ramp.
Number Plate A device fastened to signal apparatus for the purpose of identification.
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