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I'm new to rail. How do I get started?

What is ShipCSX?

How do I get a User ID and Password for ShipCSX?

How do I go about conducting transactions with CSX?

Do I have to apply for credit with CSX?

How do I know if rail will work at my facility?

What if I am not located on rail? How can I take advantage of the economies of shipping by rail?


How do I apply for a job or submit my resume?

Does CSX offer internship opportunities?


How can I get a price quote from CSX?

Can I purchase property with rail access?

Do you have any cabooses for sale?

Can I purchase scrap ties for landscaping?

How do I buy or lease railroad land?

How can I buy an old railroad building or structure?

How do I obtain permission to go on to railroad land?

How can I obtain a copy of a railroad map?

How can I get a map of an old railroad right-of-way?


How would I be added as a contact?


Where can I find investment information in CSX and its subsidiaries?