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Safety Requirements

CSXT Safety Requirements
CSX Transportation Safety Training Policy for CSXT Contractors

CSXT Safety Requirements


  • CSXT safety rules and contractor policies will apply to fiber optic workers, where applicable to the specific work performed.
  • All workers must wear proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) while working on CSXT property.
  • All workers must utilize personal fall protection (PFP) systems when required.
  • All test holes or pits less than 15 feet from the centerline of main tracks will be filled or covered prior to passing of trains. No open pits or holes will be left over night. All pits and trenches will be shored according to OSHA requirements.
  • No dirt or debris will be allowed to foul the ballast section of the tracks.
  • All excavation or plow trenches will be back-filled and compacted immediately.
  • All public utilities and CSXT Engineering (including the Communications and Signal department) will be notified prior to any construction.
  • Safety briefings will be conducted each morning and additional safety briefings will be conducted throughout the day when conditions or the job scope changes.
  • See the CSX Guide for Contractor Safety & Compliance(PDF) manual for PPE, PFP, and other safety requirements.

Working On Or Around Tracks

  • All work in the FRA Red Zone (within 4 feet from outside of the rail on each side of the track) will be done only with a CSXT, FRA qualified flagman or watchman as specified by the local Engineering representative.
  • All work beyond 4 feet from the outside rails and within 25 feet must be done under the supervision of a qualified inspector or CSXT flagman.
  • Certain types of work done beyond 25 feet from the outside of the rails, and with equipment that will not reach beyond this point, may be done without flagging protection or a watchman.This must be approved by the local Engineering representative, the area must be protected by a construction fence, and the work must be stationary (will not be used for cat plowing).
  • All work must be stopped while trains are passing within the work zone.
  • All workers will remain off the tracks. If necessary to perform the work on track, protection will be provided as stated above.
  • All workers must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to those of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).


CSX Transportation Safety Training Policy for CSXT Contractors

All contractors working on CSX property must complete the required safety training and obtain their photo ID/badge upon completion unless an exemption is granted. Safety training requirements may be accomplished by registering with ISNetWorld (ISN) at www.isn.com and completing the required safety training. In addition to the training found within ISN, all contractors working within 25 feet of the rail on CSX property will be required to complete the CSX Roadway Worker Protection Training through RailPros. Credit for taking the course will be applied to the contractor’s ISN account.

The Roadway Worker Protection Training may be taken online at CSX Roadway Worker Protection Training. In person classes are also available and can be scheduled by contacting RailPros at (877) 315-0513. 

For additional information, see the CSX Guide for Contractor Safety & Compliance(PDF).