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Product Transloading and Distribution

CSX has a variety of services to help you connect with our rail network, even if you do not have a rail served facility.

Our Industrial Development team can assist you with building or expanding a rail-served facility.

CSX subsidiary TRANSFLO can move bulk commodities from rail to truck or truck to rail. They handle more than 300 product types, including chemicals, plastics, ethanol, food-grade products, dry bulk and waste materials.

Combine the economies of rail with the flexibility of short-haul truck by using CSX Warehouse Services to connect with independent warehouse sites to store commodities such as food, paper, metal, building materials and other consumer goods.

CSXT Intermodal improves supply chain efficiency by transporting shipping containers, often transferring between ship and rail, and rail and truck.

Moving automobiles? Total Distribution Services Inc., a CSX Corporation subsidiary, offers additional vehicle-handling services for automotive companies through a network of automobile-distribution facilities, storage locations and facilities providing service to Eastern, Gulf and Southeastern ports.

If you’re still unsure of ways in which you can connect to the CSX rail network, contact your local Service Start-Up and Integration Manager to discuss what option is best for your business.