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Law Enforcement Resources

In the United States, the appointment, commissioning and regulation of rail police primarily remains a state mandate, however, Section 1704 of the Crime Control Act of 1990, effective March 14, 1994, provides that: "A railroad police officer who is certified or commissioned as a police officer under the laws of any state shall, in accordance with the regulations issued by the Secretary of Transportation, be authorized to enforce the laws of any jurisdiction in which the rail carrier owns property."

Common Rail-Related Violations of Traffic and Criminal Law

To assist local, county and state law enforcement officers with their responsibility of enforcing laws and regulations, a compilation of state laws from the 26 states that make up the CSX network along with the District of Columbia that most affect the railroad is provided in one easy-to-use resource guide. This resource guide is only intended as a broad overview and should not be relied upon solely. For more detailed information regarding a specific statute, please review the relevant statute within your respective state’s criminal law and motor vehicle manual or consult with your local state attorney, district attorney or prosecutor’s office.