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The CSX coal fleet consists of high-quality, high-capacity cars that have recently been rebuilt to be transformed to serve our customers for many years to come.

CSX has completed a rebuild project on 470 traditional Coke Express bottom-drop coal hoppers, as well as 2,700 triple hoppers and quad hoppers, to strip down and rebuild the cars in all stainless steel. The cars maintain the dimensions and capacities of the carbon steel design, but with the longevity and integrity inherent in stainless steel.


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American Coal Council
American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
Association of American Railroads
Energy Information Administration
National Mining Association (NMA)

Freeze Conditioning

Freeze Conditioning Requirements (PDF)
CSX Approved Freeze Conditioning Agents (PDF)

Transactions and Tools

Tools designed especially for coal customers are available through ShipCSX, CSX's secure transaction website.

To access the tools, complete the eBusiness registration form. Our eBusiness group will contact you to discuss which tools would be right for you and to schedule training.

Transaction Tool
Manage Coal Shipments

ShipCSX Unit Train Management. This suite of tools allows you to request coal shipments, view them en route and release the cars once they've been received and emptied.

Components include:
Place Orders: Enter coal-loading requests using a calendar-based tool.
View Orders: Keep track of your orders on a calendar as they move from requested through loaded to emptied.
Release Trains: Release emptied cars back to CSX in a couple of clicks.

Coming soon:
View Sets: Keep track of your dedicated sets of cars.
View Stragglers and Spares: Track down cars that have stopped to be repaired or are no longer where you expect them to be.

Submit Shipping Instructions (also known as bills of lading)

ShipCSX Shipping Instructions. Submit shipping instructions with a secure online tool.

Helpful features include:
- Real-time confirmation of successful submissions.
- Real-time notification if data errors require correction. Helps eliminate errors that can cause shipping delays.
- Correct or cancel CSXT shipping instructions no matter how they are originally transmitted.
- Save repeat instructions as templates.
- Use the time-saving Quick Ship for repeat shipments.
- See the status of all shipping instructions for your location.
- Use "lookup screens" to help you select correct information.
- Print or e-mail multiple copies at one time.
- Save drafts of incomplete instructions and complete them when it's convenient for you.

Shipping Instructions via EDI. If you would like to provide shipping instructions via EDI, call our eBusiness Help Desk: 1-877-ShipCSX (1-877-744-7279), option 2.

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