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Learn about the restoration

On December 21, 2015, the Texas left Grant Park in Atlanta, Georgia, where it had been a part of the Cyclorama exhibit for many years. 

The Atlanta History Center documented the incredible 16-month journey from Grant Park to the day the Texas was revealed as the headliner of the 100 Years of Steam event at the N.C. Transportation Museum >> View photos from the restoration 


The restoration to the Texas included:  

  • Construction and installation of a new pilot/cow catcher on the front of the engine.
  • Construction and installation of a new smokestack.
  • Construction and installation of the Russia-iron boiler jacket, to be set off by brass bands that have been treated to lend them the patina of weathered metal.
  • The gloss-black smoke box also was “weathered” with flat black paint.
  • The locomotive’s wooden cab was stripped and repainted.
  • Rusted out sections of the tender were replaced with new steel.
  • A new number plate was cast.

>> Learn more about the restoration process 


Nathaniel Watts of Steam Operations Corporation uses traditional hot riveting to repair the tender tank, some of which, especially the bottom, was rusted out. Photo credit: Atlanta History Center





Learn more about the Texas