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Together with our affiliated companies, we offer a variety of automotive transportation and handling services. Put our experience and expertise to work to provide you with the service that meets your needs.

Review service solutions that meet the unique needs of the auto industry.

TDSI Vehicle Handling Services. TDSI is a CSX Corporation subsidiary that offers additional vehicle-handling services through a network of automobile distribution facilities, storage locations and facilities providing service to Eastern, Gulf and Southeastern ports. Learn more, and see a map of TDSI facilities.

Freight Damage Prevention. CSX's Freight Damage Prevention group assists with load planning, equipment selection, blocking and bracing and training of loading personnel. FDP works with customers to design custom load patterns for individual products. For more information, contact Kevin Conlon at Kevin_Conlon@csx.com.

Finished Vehicle Distribution. Rail service, combined port operations and automobile distribution centers offer a broad network complete with designated high-priority automobile trains with direct rail service to various auto assembly facilities. CSX's fleet includes more than 8,500 modern enclosed bi-level and nearly 3,700 tri-level rail cars.

Auto Parts Distribution. Network design to accommodate rail- and nonrail-served auto parts manufacturers providing proactive monitoring for just-in-time shipments.