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Climate Statement

CSX understands that improving energy efficiency and maximizing clean and affordable domestic energy resources are crucial to continued economic growth, improved quality of life and environmental stewardship. Furthermore, this can help address the complex global challenge of climate change concerns. Railroads are essential to moving these objectives forward. Here’s why:

Rail Transportation Means Lower Emissions.

Railroads are the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way to move goods on land. As a result, when our customers move freight by rail, they help reduce transport-related greenhouse gas and other air emissions. Railroads move goods on average four times more efficiently than highway freight transportation.

Rail Transportation Contributes to Energy Independence.

Fuel efficiency gains from rail allow for cleaner air, help our country reduce its dependence on foreign oil and increase jobs associated with domestic sourcing. CSX is taking steps – going beyond our legal requirements – to reduce locomotive air and greenhouse gas emissions and fuel use. This brings multi-faceted benefits to our business, our customers and the country. We are committed to continual improvement, and CSX expects our suppliers and vendors to do the same.

Rail Transportation Supports the Development of Renewable Energy.

CSX provides one of the best ways to transport renewable energy components, such as wind turbine parts and biofuels. While this represents a small part of our business, CSX is well-positioned to support the renewable energy sector.

CSX will continue to support the efforts of our domestic energy customers to develop newer, cleaner and more efficient energy technologies. In total, these efforts are some of the many reasons why our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate can count on CSX to deliver the right results the right way.