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CSX Urges Extra Caution Around Railroad Tracks During Summer Travel Season

June 14, 2024 — As schools across the country release students for summer break, CSX and its employees remind drivers and pedestrians to exercise extreme caution around railroad tracks.

"To help keep our neighbors and travelers safe, CSX urges everyone to always expect a train at rail crossings, obey all warning signals and devices, and stay off of railroad tracks, which are designed for trains, not pedestrians," said Sean Douris, CSX Chief of Police.

CSX offers these important tips for staying safe around railroad tracks:

  • Always Expect a Train: Freight trains do not follow set schedules. Consider all tracks actively used. A train could come by at any time and from any direction.
  • Trains Cannot Stop Quickly: A freight train moving at 55 miles per hour can take a mile or more to stop once the emergency brakes are applied – that’s equivalent to 18 football fields.
  • The Train is Closer Than You Think: If you see a train approaching, wait for it to pass completely before crossing the tracks.
  • Never Walk Along Railroad Tracks: Remember that trains are wider than the tracks. Freight trains can overhang the tracks by up to three feet on either side. Bridges and tunnels often have no extra space for anyone or anything on either side.
  • Avoid Distractions: Never wear headphones or text while near railroad tracks. Modern trains are quieter than most people expect. Many pedestrians don’t hear a train approaching because they’re listening to music or distracted by their phones.
  • Stay off railroad bridges and trestles: These structures are not safe places for fishing or swimming. Railroad bridges are only designed to accommodate trains. There is no room for pedestrians.
  • Never Race a Train to a Railroad Crossing: Even if you tie, you lose.
  • Never Drive Around Lowered Gates: It's illegal and deadly. 

“We care about the people in our communities and want everyone to enjoy a great summer. Following these tips will help ensure that happens,” Douris said.

Always locate and use the blue and white Emergency Notification System (ENS) sign at railroad crossings to report any issues or emergencies, ensuring prompt response and safety. If you suspect a signal is malfunctioning, call the CSX Public Safety Coordination Center at 1-800-232-0144.

CSX actively promotes safety around railroad tracks throughout the year. Through the company's “Together for Safety” initiative its employees are working together to keep their teammates and neighbors across their communities safe around trains and tracks.

CSX also collaborates closely with Operation Lifesaver Inc., a nonprofit public safety education and awareness organization dedicated to reducing collisions, fatalities, and injuries at highway-rail crossings and on or near railroad tracks. Operation Lifesaver provides training videos and other resources at www.oli.org.

For more information about safe rail practices and CSX's commitment to safety in the communities it serves, please visit the public safety section of www.csx.com.