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Public Safety

At CSX, safety is a collaborative effort. We believe in sharing the responsibility of ensuring the safety of ourselves, our teammates, and our neighbors. By making this responsibility the cornerstone of everything we do, we help make certain that every member of our ONE CSX team returns home safely at the end of the day and that our communities are well-protected.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Keep these safety tips in mind whenever you see a train or approach railroad tracks:

  • Watch for warning signs and signals: Flashing red lights mean a train is approaching. Wait until the lights stop flashing and it’s safe to cross.
  • Always assume a train is coming: Look both ways before crossing tracks. Trains can come from any direction at any time.
  • If it won’t fit, don’t commit: Make sure there’s enough space to clear the crossing without stopping. Leave at least 15 feet between your vehicle and the tracks.
  • Stalled on the tracks? Get out immediately: Move far away from the tracks, even if you don’t see a train. Call the emergency number posted nearby or local law enforcement.
  • Trains can’t stop quickly: A freight train traveling at 55 mph may take a mile or more to stop.
  • Watch for vehicles that must stop at crossings: This includes school buses and trucks carrying hazardous materials.
  • Cross only at designated crossings: Never try to beat a train through a crossing.

If you see any issue or incident on or near CSX tracks that risks safety, report it immediately to the CSX Public Safety Coordination Center at 800-232-0144.