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Corporate Governance

At CSX, we are dedicated to doing things the right way – a way that demonstrates our commitment to responsible business practices and good corporate citizenship. CSX’s reputation for responsible conduct is vital to our success.

CSX has a company-wide program that coordinates, implements and monitors adherence to our values, the laws and regulations that apply to our business, and company policies and procedures. CSX expects all of us to understand and abide by all legal requirements governing our business and operations. The Company provides ongoing education and guidance concerning applicable laws and regulations.


Code of Ethics (Company Policies and Procedures)

CSX Corporation has adopted a Code of Ethics that applies to all officers, directors and employees of the Corporation and its subsidiaries. The Code covers such matters as conflicts of interest, insider trading, misuse of confidential information, compliance with laws, and protection and proper use of corporate assets. Read CSX's Code of Ethics.

Fair Competition and Antitrust

CSX is committed to free and fair competition, competing ethically and complying with antitrust laws. In general, these laws prohibit any agreement or understanding between or among a company and its customers, suppliers or competitors that unreasonably limits competition. Not adhering to these laws can lead to severe penalties for both the company and the responsible employees.

Learn more about CSX's ethics and principal standards.