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Operation RedBlock System Coordinators: 

Crafts: Transportation, Dispatcher, Mechanical

Mike Jackson

Phillip Young

Crafts: Maintenance of Way & Signal

Tad Hood


Local Team Captains:  local contacts for CSX managers and employees.

Maintenance of Way




Name Location
KJ Arnold Birmingham
Vacant Birmingham
Ronnie Head Birmingham Mineral
Ronny Knop Birmingham Yard
Nathan Dove Birmingham N&D/Decatur
Mike Stone Birmingham SNA North/Decatur
Nate Brewer Mobile / Pensacola, FL
Glenn Ware Montgomery A&WP
Leb March Montgomery Dothan Subdivision
Roderick Crosby Montgomery L&N Road
Wade Logan Montgomery Yardmaster
Ryan Taylor Montgomery Yard


Name Location
Tim Price Wilsmere


Name Location
Charles T. (Chuck) Rockwell Jacksonville (Road)
Brian Caley Jacksonville (Yard)
Irvin Ingraham Miami Hialeah
Ryan Fritz Sanford, Taft, Orlando
Ron Mcintyre Tampa/Rockport/Mulberry - Engineers
Justin Haskins Tampa/Rockport/Mulberry - Conductors


Name Location
Matt Hafner Atlanta, Tilford Yard
Tony Stewart Atlanta, W&A Mainline
Lee Couch Augusta, AT-GR
John Keilholtz Augusta, FL-AU/FL-AG
Vacant Fitzgerald
Channing Edwards Gainesville
George Conley Co-captain - Manchester
Andy Reeves Co-captain - Manchester
Brian Lucignoli Savannah
Shane Barnes Waycross


Name Location
Nate Johnson Chicago
Vacant Danville
Tommy Schnell Roselake


Name Location
Bruce Mathews Avon Road East
Pete Holman Avon Road West
Tim Farkas Avon Yard
Mark Cobb Evansville, HD - Conductors
Shawn Hollis Evansville, HD - Engineers
Andrew Baumgartner Evansville, CD Subdivision
Corey D. Leonard Garrett – Engineers
Dennis Fisher Garrett – Conductors
Adam West Lafayette
Paul Moulton Terre Haute


Name Location
Chuck Conley Big Sandy/Martin/Paintsville - Engineers
Jimmy Sark Big Sandy/Martin/Paintsville - Conductors
Jon Cromer Corbin/Loyall
J.R. Hicks Hazard
Vacant Louisville LC Sub
Bill Reed Louisville
Tim Bielefeld Louisville MS-1
Bob Johnson Louisville Yard
Tom Gray Russell, Kanawha - Engineers
Waylon Hunt Russell, Kanawha - Conductors
Mike White Russell, North
Chip Martin Russell Yard
Steve Kiser Shelby


Name Location
Ed Dowden New Orleans


Name Location
Jeremy Hildreth Baltimore Yard & Jessup
Eric Malagar Baltimore Road & Bennings
W.M. (Bill) Abe Jr. Cumberland Yard/West
Travis Twigg Cumberland, Mountain Sub
Andrew Cowan Cumberland Yard/East
Rex Ewers Hagerstown, Hanover, Brunswick


Name Location
John Hassett Framingham
Bill Connell Reedville/Wolpole/Middleborough
Dan LaBranche West Springfield, Cedar Hill
Joseph Eaton Worcester


Name Location
Scott Pilichowski Grand Rapids East
Don Zatteau Grand Rapids West
Andy Goulet Saginaw, Flint, Rougemere, Detroit, Plymouth

New York

Name Location
Ryan Brady Buffalo Engineer
Joseph Stachewicz Buffalo Conductor
P.J. (Pat) Gillette Dewitt, Serikus (Yard)
Ed Dickinson Dewitt, Serikus (Road)
John Lembke Massena, Watertown
Mike Wyant Niagara Falls/Buffalo Yard
Doug Parmele Rochester
Kenny Corp Selkirk - B&A Road
Richard Brown Selkirk - River Line

New Jersey

Name Location
Mitch Brunckhorst North

North Carolina

Name Location
Jay Maness Hamlet/Raleigh - Engineers
Brent Skipper Charlotte, Bostic Yard
Luke Graves Hamlet/Raleigh - Conductors
Chris Gardner Rocky Mount
Sandy Byrd Wilmington


Name Location
Mike Gardner Lima
Gordon Redden Cincinnati to Avon
Christopher Goodman Cincinnati - Russell
Jeff Wiley Cincinnati - Indy Sub, St. Louis
Daniel Fillhardt Cincinnati - Queensgate (L&N)
B.S. Bleska Cincinnati - Toledo Road
Ryan Fries Cleveland, Collinwood West
Richard Peters Cleveland, Collinwood East
Vacant Cleveland, Collinwood Yard
Dan Wagner Cleveland - Clark Ave.
Kerry Taylor Columbus - Midland Sub & C&O
Travis Buell Dayton
John Peter Marysville
Nev Lanning N.W. Ohio & Baltimore
Ron Cope Toledo - Detroit PM Road
Scott Schifko Walbridge
Chris Harris Willard Road
Jon Middleton Willard Yard


Name Location
Mike Savage Connellsville
Shannon Lewis New Castle, DeForest
Cory Strickler Newell
Mike Majett Philadelphia
Frank Dressler Pittsburgh

South Carolina

Name Location
Lee Stanley Abbeville Sub-board
Reagan Fair Greenwood
Garrett Roof Cayce
Jason Cameron Charleston - Conductors
Scott Blalock Charleston - Engineers
Stan Hicks Florence
Neil Floyd Georgetown/Andrews
Channing Edwards Greenville Engineers - Greenville/Spartanburg


Name Location
Adam West Chattanooga Yard
Mark Hale Erwin, Kingsport
Alan Vincent Etowah - Knoxville KD Sub
T. Rico Mayfield Etowah - Atlanta
David Riggs Memphis/Bruceton
Bill Garten Nashville - Radnor Yard
Robert Lazenby Nashville, Chattanooga


Name Location
Tommy Gilbert Clifton Forge, Covington
Dan Moore Richmond, Huntington, Newport News
Kevin Whitlock Richmond RF&P
Lee Hollandsworth Richmond (SCL)

West Virginia

Name Location
Frank Woduski Brooklyn Junction
Tim Phillips Grafton
Richard Crisp Hinton
Derrick Martin Hinton
Ben Schmitt Parkersburg
Andy Dingess Peach Creek/Danville/Elk Run
James Weiss Quinnimont
John Tolley Rainelle
Bryan L. Goodson South Charleston - Yard
JB Lane South Charleston - Road



Eastern Region

Name Location
Vacant Baltimore, Md
Vacant C&O Fostoria, Ohio
Vacant Hinton, New River
Vacant Huntington
Vacant Pittsburgh East End
Ed Rusak Richmond
Pat Dillon Rochester, N.Y.
Vacant Sarnia, St. Thomas, Ontario
Christopher Cavanaugh East North Carolina
Barry Shuttleworth System Signal Construction East

Western Region

Name Location
Vacant Avon Yard, Indy Signal & Elec
Vacant B&O Western Construction
Vacant C&EI Construction/Maint.
Vacant Conrail West Construction
Vacant COPM Construction/Maint.
Vacant Evansville, Ind. Signal
Vacant Louisville, Ky. Signal
Burt Baird System Signal Construction West
Vacant Toledo, Indianapolis Signal

Southern Region

Name Location
Brian Thompson Atlanta, Ga. Signal Cons.
Vacant Birmingham Signal
Q.L. Lewis Florence, S.C. Signal
Louis Bunch L&N System Construction
Vacant Manchester Signal
Hunter Carey Savannah Signal Shop
David Suggs System Signal Construction South
Matthew Burris Waycross
Vacant South Florida Train Control
Vacant Tampa, Mulberry Train Control
Vacant Tallahassee, Fla. Signal



Name Location
Orrin Cooper Jacksonville - Baltimore Region
Katherine Papke Jacksonville - Indianapolis Region
B. Phillip Ritzert Jacksonville Region
Rodney Rigdon Jacksonville - Nashville Region



Name Location
Mike Shelley Baltimore Locomotive Shop
Karen Brown Birmingham Mechanical
Joe Gillespie Chicago Mechanical
Mike L. Wood Cincinnati Mechanical
Russ J. Brittian Curtis Bay, Md. Mechanical
Vacant Evansville, Ind. Mechanical
David R. Hills Grand Rapids Mechanical
Larry I. Barker Huntington Locomotive Shop
Steve B. Smith Jacksonville Mechanical
Vacant Nashville Mechanical
RJ Smith New Castle, Pa. Mechanical
Bucky Williams Richmond Mechanical
James Norwood Russell Locomotive Shop
Steve C. Arnold Waycross Mechanical
Paul Hamons Jr. Willard, Ohio Mechanical


Maintenance of Way

Note:  Due to the way M.O.W. works, Team Captains may move around frequently.  Contact any one of the Team Captains located below and they can pass along any information if needed.


Name Location
Brad Bumpus Albany
Joseph Szadek Albany
Jeromy May Atlanta
Vacant Atlanta
J.E. Orr Jr. Baltimore
Michael Gonzales Baltimore
Laron Winnegan Baltimore
Tim Casto Baltimore
Josh Decker Baltimore
Steve Mosley Chicago
Vacant Chicago
Artie Apple Florence
Demetrick Anderson Florence
Derrick Chisolm Florence
Gary Strobel Great Lakes
Edd Leamer Great Lakes
Chris Neu Great Lakes
Tim Carpenter Great Lakes
Jarrett Pettis Great Lakes
Kenny DeLoach Jacksonville
Tom Boyd Jacksonville
Dan Cox Jacksonville
Andy Quisenberry Louisville
Ellis "Bub" Morgan Louisville
Vacant Nashville
Vacant Nashville


Name Location
Keith Akins C1
Scott Pelham C1
Vacant C2
Vacant C3
Jeremy Moore C4
John Bates C4
Vacant R1
Michael Hastings R2
James Lee R3
Edward "Broony" White Rail Trains
Donny Walker T1
Bob Honaker T2
Michael Roberts T2
Jason Lance T3
Vacant T4
Jason Smith T5
Kevin Dean T5
Vacant T6
Vacant T7
Bruno Britenstine T8
Mike Barnhill T9
Anthony Winsett T9
Vacant T10
Vacant T11
Vacant S1
Keith Anderson S2
Vacant S3
Jeff Soto Facilities
Reese Saulter Bridge
Cameron Tiell Crane