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Visiting CSX Property

Suppliers visiting CSX Procurement & Supply Chain Management offices are welcome guests on our property. However, to ensure safety and security, you must abide by the rules and guidelines of the location you are visiting.

Visitor and Supplier Policy for Jacksonville Headquarters Building

If you wish to visit someone in the Procurement & Supply Chain Management group at the Jacksonville Headquarters Building, you must make an appointment.

You will be required to check in at the HQ security desk and provide photo identification to receive a temporary access badge.

If you do not have an appointment, you will need to contact a representative in Procurement & Supply Chain Management to escort you to their offices. A list of contact names and phone numbers is available at the security desk. The security guards cannot make the call for you nor can they escort you to the P&SC offices.

You are required to wear your temporary badge in plain view at all times.

Visitor and Supplier Policy for Field Locations

If you wish to visit a field location, you must receive approval and be aware of the safety equipment required for that location prior to your visit.

To visit a Materials Management (storeroom) location, you must contact the appropriate CSX Director-Materials and complete the Supplier Field Visit Request form.

To visit a Mechanical, Transportation or Engineering location, you must get approval from the respective Division Manager or Vice President (talk to your procurement manager for contact information) and complete the Supplier Field Visit Request form.

In most cases, visits to field locations require that you wear proper safety equipment and follow strict safety rules, including:

  • Following the safest route to the storeroom office. Most locations have a designated (green) walkway that leads to the storeroom's main offices.
  • Wearing a hard hat, except when in offices and break rooms.
  • Wearing safety eyewear at all times.
  • Wearing hearing protection where required.
  • Wearing safety shoes (no tennis shoes).
  • Being properly dressed – no shorts, no sleeveless shirts.

Visitors must:

  • Check with your contact before arrival to be aware of any safety requirements specific to the location.
  • Check in with a manager or other responsible CSX employee upon arrival to receive a safety briefing. This applies even if you have visited a facility previously. (In the case of an outside contractor, the leader of that group may check in for the group, but the entire group will be required to participate in a safety briefing before starting any work).

The only exception to these rules is for service and delivery persons dropping off or picking up a delivery in a predetermined safe zone.