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CSX Total Distribution Services Inc. Automotive Transload Facilities Shine in Recent Destination Quality Reviews

May 2, 2024 – The automotive transload facilities operated by CSX Total Distribution Services Inc. (TDSI) delivered exceptional performance on two recent Destination Quality Reviews conducted by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). These reviews are onsite evaluations of the facilities and their operational procedures, focusing on key aspects such as the placement of multi-level railcars at the unloading ramp, vehicle unloading processes, and baying practices.

In a review conducted on December 11, 2023, at the TDSI facility located in Nashville, Tenn., the overall score achieved was an impressive 99.98%. This high mark signifies an improvement from the previous evaluation in June 2022, where the facility scored 99.36%. Similarly, during the evaluation on April 15, 2024, at the TDSI facility based in Palm Center, Fla., the operation once again attained a stellar overall score of 99.98%, maintaining the high standards set during its March 2022 audit.

These outstanding scores not only highlight the dedication to excellence exhibited by the TDSI team but also underscore their unwavering commitment to upholding top-tier operational standards.

It is important to note that the average overall score for Destination Quality Reviews stands at 96.97%, placing the TDSI facilities well above the industry benchmark and showcasing their exceptional performance in delivering quality services consistently.

Bryce Thomas, general manager of TDSI, expressed profound pride in the team's accomplishments and emphasized their steadfast dedication to safety and service, "At TDSI, safety and service are at the core of everything we do. These exceptional scores reflect the hard work and commitment of our team to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability for our customers."

The success of the TDSI automotive transload facilities in the Destination Quality Reviews serves as a testament to their operational excellence and unwavering focus on delivering superior service in the freight transportation industry.

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