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CSX is First Railroad to Test Wabtec's Zero-to-Zero Trip Optimizer System

CSX is demonstrating its continued pursuit of technologies that support better service for customers and improved air quality for communities through its engagement with Wabtec.

CSX has partnered with Wabtec – a leading rail technology innovator – as the first railroad to test Wabtec’s new Trip Optimizer Zero-to-Zero technology. The railroad is now working with the Federal Railroad Administration to test and implement the product.

Trip Optimizer is a smart system for trains that is similar to cruise control. It automatically controls locomotive throttle and brakes to lower fuel burn based on dynamics like the terrain and speed restrictions. While CSX implemented Trip Optimizer years ago, Zero-to-Zero is a new feature that further expands the benefits of the tool.

Zero-to-Zero allows a train to start from zero miles per hour and stop automatically using intelligent controls. It leverages air-brake control and signal-aspect information, and further expands the opportunity to save fuel and improve operations.

WATCH THE BELOW VIDEO for additional details on how the new Trip Optimizer Zero-to-Zero system is helping CSX continue its journey as the most fuel-efficient U.S.-based railroad.