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CSX Introduces ChatBot to Streamline Real Estate Inquiries

February 16, 2024 - CSX has launched an innovative CoPilot chatbot feature on the Real Estate section of its official website, csx.com, designed to assist customers with inquiries related to Utility permits. Named Chessie, in recognition of an iconic symbol of exceptional customer service from the company’s heritage, the chatbot is available around the clock and provides immediate responses to common questions, ensuring utility customers have access to vital information whenever they need it.

The CSX Real Estate team processes approximately 3,000 Utility permit requests annually. Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach to handle routine inquiries, the team introduced Chessie. This AI-powered solution is programmed to provide quick and accurate answers to recurring questions, thereby improving the overall customer experience.

This new addition allows the CSX Real Estate team to devote more time to addressing complex issues with customers.

CSX leads the way as the first U.S. Class I railroad company to implement a chatbot for Utility permit support. Initially, Chessie will focus on predefined topics, aiming to deliver comprehensive responses to the most frequently asked questions.

The future development of Chessie will be guided by customer feedback. Depending on user needs and experiences, CSX may expand Chessie’s functionality across its entire website.

This initiative underlines CSX's commitment to leveraging technology to improve customer service, making it easier and more efficient for those seeking Utility permits to access necessary information.

Customers are encouraged to use the Chessie chatbot on the Real Estate page and provide feedback after each interaction to help CSX to continually improve its functionality.