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Thousands Trained Through CSX Community Safety Initiatives in 2023

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – January 16, 2024 – CSX (NASDAQ: CSX) continued to prioritize public safety in 2023 with a robust first responder training program that reached over 6,000 individuals in communities across its rail network. 

The company held over 60 sessions covering hazardous materials handling and incident response tactics, ensuring that first responders, contractors and local government officials are informed and prepared to handle potential emergencies on and around railroad property.

"CSX takes pride in offering best-in-class safety training,” said Joe Hinrichs, president and chief executive officer of CSX. “Our ONE CSX collaborative culture is deeply rooted in safeguarding our communities and working closely with the first responders who share our safety commitment. Through classroom, virtual and hands-on trainings, we provide first responders with the confidence and skills necessary to effectively manage rail-related incidents, which helps protect our communities, employees and customers." 

A highlight of the year was Responder Incident Training (RIT) train events hosted by CSX. This innovative program features a specially designed train that travels the CSX network to deliver advanced, tailored hazardous materials safety training. A total of 856 first responders and emergency response contractors benefited from these RIT train sessions, gaining valuable insights and skills for responding to potential rail incidents.

The CSX Police Department also played a key role in the company's 2023 safety initiatives, providing specialized training to 1,549 first responders. This training is part of CSX's ongoing commitment to safeguarding the communities it serves.

"The partnership between CSX and first responders is really important," emphasized Columbus, Ohio, Fire Chief Jeff Happ, who attended a 2023 RIT train event. "CSX brings to the table a deep understanding and mastery of their equipment, and their willingness to impart that knowledge to us is invaluable. In the event of an emergency, this shared expertise allows us to protect our community in the best way possible."

Further underscoring its dedication to public safety, CSX has a Community Affairs and an Incident Reduction team that provide rail safety education in communities across the railroad’s 26-state territory. These efforts help reduce incidents near trains and railroad tracks and instruct first responders on safe, efficient and effective railroad-related incident response. In addition, the company actively promotes Rail Safety Week, an annual nationwide campaign designed to educate communities about safe behaviors near railroad tracks. 

"Safety is not just an individual responsibility, it's a collective commitment at CSX. Our approach to safety training is reflective of that,” Hinrichs said. “It’s crucial that we equip our employees, first responders and communities with the knowledge to make safe decisions around tracks and trains to minimize risk and ensure everyone’s wellbeing.”

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Matthew Korn, CFA, Investor Relations

Bryan Tucker, Corporate Communications