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CSX makes significant progress at derailment site

August 4, 2017

CSX made significant progress in restoring the site of the August 2 derailment in Hyndman, Penn. CSX continues to work as quickly as possible to ensure the area is safe for residents to return to their homes.

As of 4 p.m. Friday, August 4, the sulfur fires that were burning throughout the day have been extinguished.

In order for CSX and the emergency agencies who have been managing this incident to make the decision to allow residents to return home, the results of a highly sensitive air-quality sample that is currently being analyzed by an American Industrial Hygiene Association accredited lab must be received.

The results from that analysis are expected overnight. The results will allow the incident management team to determine the timeline for residents’ re-entry into the neighborhood.

At that time CSX will distribute information to residents about what they can expect when they return to their homes. Key points include:

  • Residents should follow the same standard precautions that they would normally take after time away from their home.  There are no special measures that must be taken to return home because of this event.
  •  There are no anticipated long-term health impacts from this event.
  • CSX will provide contact information for specialists who can answer additional questions.

This information will be shared through the CSX representatives at each of the designated evacuation hotels, as well as at the community outreach centers, online at response.csx.com and through traditional and social media channels.

CSX also has continued removing derailed cars from the site that are not involved or exposed to the fires. Through the day, a total of 20 rail cars were either re-railed and prepared to be removed from the site, or cleared from the site and repositioned to safe locations for removal later.  

CSX representatives continue to be onsite in the designated evacuation hotels and are available to answer questions and provide assistance. To continue supporting displaced residents’ needs, the CSX community outreach centers in Hyndman and Bedford will remain open today, Friday, until 8 p.m., and will be open again tomorrow, Saturday, August 5, at 8 a.m. CSX continues to answer questions through the toll-free incident response line: 1-800-331-4031. Those efforts will continue until all residents have been returned to their homes.

CSX has created a webpage, response.csx.com, where the public can find information about the community outreach centers, the latest status of the recovery and additional helpful resources.

CSX appreciates the support of the American Red Cross, local first responders, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the community in caring for the needs of residents displaced by this incident.