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Louisville & Nashville Heritage Locomotive Enters Service on CSX

August 25, 2023 - CSX has introduced the sixth locomotive in its heritage series, a freshly painted unit honoring the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Designated CSX 1850, the locomotive will be placed into service, carrying the L&N colors across the 20,000-mile CSX network.

The paint scheme was designed and applied at the CSX Locomotive Shop in Waycross, Georgia, which has produced all six units in the heritage series celebrating the lines that came together to form the modern CSX. Like the other heritage locomotives, the L&N unit combines the heritage railroad’s iconic logo and colors on the rear two-thirds of the engine with today’s CSX colors and markings on the cab end.

Chartered by the State of Kentucky in 1850, the L&N grew into a vital transportation link between the Gulf Coast and the nation’s heartland. The railroad was absorbed by the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad, which subsequently became part of the Chessie System and, ultimately, today’s CSX.

The CSX heritage series is reinforcing employee pride in the history of the railroad that continues to move the nation’s economy with safe, reliable and sustainable rail-based transportation services.