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A Legacy of Locomotives

July 11, 2017 – CSX has a rich and storied past, spanning hundreds of years and multiple legacy rail lines. We are dedicated to honoring the railroaders and predecessor rail lines that have made CSX the company it is today.

Lineage locomotives are unique partnership projects between CSX, museums, historical societies and local communities. CSX partners with local organizations to return rolling pieces of history back to their original luster, then places the newly restored locomotives in their home communities for local citizens and rail fans from around the country to enjoy for years to come.

The CSX team supported the two projects below, the restoration of the 1865 Civil War-era Texas and the reviving of an iconic C&O Chessie Cat engine, to capture the essence of the past and preserve the passion of railroading for future generations. 

In addition to the restoration projects, CSX has worked with non-profit partners to compile images and historical information on other rolling stock and engines from predecessor lines to document the rich history of the rail industry and CSX.