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CSX Honors Seaboard Coast Line Railroad with Newest Heritage Locomotive

May 23, 2024 - CSX Transportation has launched its newest heritage locomotive, paying tribute to the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (SCL). This latest addition is part of CSX's ongoing initiative to honor its historical roots while paving the way for the future of railroading in America.

The Seaboard Coast Line Railroad (SCL) was a prominent rail line that operated in the southeastern United States from 1967 until 1983. SCL emerged from the merger of the Seaboard Air Line Railroad and the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. In 1986, SCL became part of CSX through a series of mergers and acquisitions that formed one of the largest Class I railroads in North America.

“When SCL was an active railroad, it was the eighth largest railroad with almost 10,000 miles across the southern United States,” explained CSX Carman Painter Jason Merritt, one of the team members who worked on the project. “In fact, the ‘S’ in CSX actually stands for Seaboard.”

CSX has been dedicated to preserving the legacy of the railroads that form its foundation by creating heritage locomotives. These locomotives are meticulously designed and crafted at the company's locomotive shop in Waycross, Georgia. Each piece represents a significant chapter in the rich history of American railroading.

CSX Carman Painter Tim Music said, "This project was especially meaningful to me because both my late brother and sister retired from CSX and experienced the Seaboard Coastline years. Growing up just 100 feet from the railroad tracks, I vividly recall the black and yellow SCL paint scheme passing by every day."

The new SCL heritage locomotive joins a growing fleet of locomotives that celebrate the diverse and storied past of CSX. The unit is the fourteenth in the series produced by the railroad. By honoring these historic lines, CSX not only pays homage to its origins but also inspires a deep appreciation for the role railroads have played in shaping the nation's infrastructure and economy.

As CSX looks to the future, these heritage locomotives symbolize the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in rail transportation, bridging the gap between a proud past and a promising future.