Doing Business With Us

Those who engage in a business relationship with CSX for the first time will be treated with the same fairness and responsiveness that our many long-term business partners have come to expect and appreciate. Our goal is to ensure that every interaction is a positive experience for all involved, regardless of the outcome, because there is always the potential for a mutually beneficial business engagement in the future.

Please make sure to review your email and phone number contact information on your profile. If your contact information is not populated, then please add it.

The preferred payment method for CSX suppliers is virtual credit card. If you are unable to accept card payments, all new US based suppliers must be set up for EFT payments. CSX reserves the right to implement a $25 charge per check issued for US based suppliers. CSX cannot offer virtual credit card and EFT to non-US based suppliers at this time.


Please follow this link if you are a supplier interested in doing business with CSX.

Supplier Relationship Guide (PDF)

CSX Guide for Contractor Safety & Compliance (PDF)

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