Review metals products and the equipment generally used to transport them. Get details about rail cars.

Product Rail Car
Steel Coil and Sheet Metal
CSX has a diverse fleet of gondolas, specifically equipped to transport steel coils safely and damage free. Various car types can be considered to help you maximize product lading per railcar.
- Covered single-trough coil gondolas
- Covered double-trough coil gondolas
- Covered transverse-trough coil gondolas
- Topless single-trough coil gondolas
Semi-Finished Steel
CSX has a fleet of plain gondolas to handle the movement of billets, round, ingots and slabs.
52' plain gondola
Steel Plate
CSX has a wide variety of equipment designed to handle virtually any steel plate product for a wide variety of uses. Plate products >132” wide should be approved by the CSX Clearance Bureau prior to loading and shipping.
- 52' plain gondola
- 65' plain gondola
- 62' bulkhead flatcar
- 89' flatcar
Ferrous Scrap Metal and Alternative Iron Units
CSX has an extensive fleet of plain gondolas to handle ferrous scrap metal, pig iron, HBI, iron fines and mill scale.
- 52' plain gondola
- 65' plain gondola
Bar, Rail, Rod and Structural Steel
CSX has a well-conditioned fleet to safely and efficiently handle a variety of long steel products from bulkhead flatcars specifically designed for coil wire rod to heavy-duty railcars for structural steel.
- 52' plain gondola
- 65' plain gondola
- 62' bulkhead flatcar
- 89' flatcar
CSX has the equipment and expertise to move large-and small-diameter
pipe as well as oil country tubular goods.
- 52' plain gondola
- 62' bulkhead flatcar
- 89’ flatcar
Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Products
CSX has specially designed flat cars that can handle aluminum ingots and slabs. We also have a variety of boxcars that move various non-ferrous commodities such as aluminum sheet, copper, zinc, aluminum ingots and other bundled commodities.
- 50’ standard boxcar
- 60’ standard boxcar
High- and Low-Density Products
Our fleet of large and small-cubed covered hoppers feature weather protection, easy top loading and controlled flow bottom discharge. These cars are used to move Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) as well as many non-ferrous commodities such as alumina, bauxite, ferroalloys, etc.
- Jumbo covered hopper
- Small cube covered hopper


Metals STCC List

View the STCCs and descriptions (Excel) for different types of metals products.

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