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Rail Line Acquisitions and Sales

CSX Transportation (CSX) regularly assesses its ability to efficiently and effectively support the needs and requirements of its customers and the shipping public generally. As needs and requirements change, CSX undertakes efforts to sell, lease, discontinue, or abandon certain rail lines in accordance with applicable law.

If you are interested in operating a current or former CSX rail line for freight only purposes, please contact [email protected], or use the form below. Please provide contact information, geographic interest, and other pertinent information in that communication. Your inquiry should be sufficient enough to provide CSX with confidence as to your understanding of the applicable rail line and your ability to successfully operate it. Interested parties should not contact CSX customers or CSX employees.

In the event that CSX undertakes an effort to sell or lease a rail line, CSX will consider various factors when selecting and negotiating with potential new operators. In addition to financial considerations, CSX places considerable weight on a new operator’s ability to provide value to CSX and the shipping public over the long-term. For those operators with an existing relationship with CSX, CSX will consider the history and experience between the railroads, including such factors such as (a) compliance with terms and conditions of any existing contracts, (b) the level of interline business with CSX, and (c) timeliness of payments, outstanding operational and/or contractual disputes, and other like items. 

CSX reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to reject any inquiry or proposal and to exclude any party throughout its process. No inquiry, proposal or offer to acquire any rail line will be binding on CSX unless and until CSX has executed and delivered a definitive written agreement providing for the sale of the rail line.