Intermodal transportation — using at least two modes of transportation to move freight — is helping shippers across the country realize immediate and long-term benefits, including the ability to secure access to capacity, lower freight transportation costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Converting freight from highway to intermodal rail, which utilizes the efficiencies of double stacked containers, can produce sustainable savings for you and your customers.

If you’re looking for scalable capacity and a long-term supply chain solution, then look to CSX Transportation (CSXT) Intermodal. You’ll benefit from an established and far-reaching network designed to increase your market reach. As one of the nation’s leading intermodal carriers, CSXT Intermodal is with you every step, and freight-ton mile, of the way.

Highway to Rail conversion delivers bottom line results

CSX Transportation’s Highway to Rail (H2R) Optimizer is a proprietary tool that identifies, on a large scale, the freight within a network that is most attractive for intermodal conversion. With only the origin and destination zip codes along with volumes for each lane, a complimentary analysis can be completed by CSXT. Using this data, transportation savings and access to capacity can be maximized, which is vital to any supply chain. Through the H2R Optimizer, CSXT has found that 96% of shippers have freight in their supply chains with available intermodal options.

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