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Virginia Capacity Projects

In the fall of 2018, CSX completed a series of rail capacity projects designed to improve the flow of trains in and around Richmond, VA, a corridor that sees heavy rail traffic. CSX partnered with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) to design, fund and construct the projects, as part of our commitment to provide reliable passenger service. These new rail features – completed on time and under budget – will help ease train traffic congestion through Richmond, improving passenger rail service and benefitting freight rail customers. The projects include:

  • Acca Yard Bypass – CSX constructed several miles of double track along the western edge of its yard in northern Richmond. This allows passenger and freight trains to pass around the yard, rather than slowing down to pass directly through the center of the yard in its previous configuration.
  • Rail Crossovers – Three new universal rail crossovers were constructed on CSX tracks south of Richmond, allowing trains to switch between the two main tracks to safely pass other trains. This allows more flexibility in routing trains to their destinations, which improves overall fluidity of train traffic.
  • New Double Track - Crews constructed approximately eight miles of a second track along the main line from Reams to Carson, VA, along with two more universal crossovers. This project also allows improved flexibility in train routing and improved fluidity.

CSX is proud to partner with DRPT to complete this multi-year undertaking, which will better position the region to capture economic growth opportunities.