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Sandstone, West Virginia Incident Update

March 10, 2023 – CSX continued working overnight to restore the area where a train derailed Wednesday morning in Sandstone, WV. The company has safely removed all 22 cars and four locomotives involved in the derailment from the site. 

Two of the three CSX crew members have now been released from the hospital, the remaining crew member continues to receive treatment. CSX will continue to provide full support for these employees and their families throughout their recovery process. 

Under the supervision of the National Park Service, US Environmental Protection Agency, and West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, CSX began the excavation and removal of any soil or rock that came in contact with diesel fuel and will replace it with clean material.

We expect to resume train service on one of the tracks at some point tomorrow once repairs are completed. Mitigation efforts will continue until the area is completely restored.

CSX continues to deploy its drone fleet across its network to survey areas that have similar topographical characteristics as the area where the boulder that caused the derailment was dislodged from a rock face in order to identify and mitigate the potential for rockslides.