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Howells Yard Derailment Update - 6:00 p.m.

November 17, 2023 – Recovery efforts are underway in Atlanta, GA following a train derailment that occurred in CSX Howells Yard early Friday morning after a Norfolk Southern train came in contact with a standing CSX train at an interchange point located within the rail yard. A total of eight train cars derailed and one CSX locomotive was damaged. There were no injuries and there is no risk to the public. Approximately 485 gallons of diesel fuel was released from the fuel tank of the damaged locomotive. Some of the released fuel was consumed in the fire with the remainder spilled on the ground. Some of the diesel fuel that was released flowed from the derailment site into a nearby creek. The spilled fuel has been fully contained. CSX is working closely with U.S. EPA and Georgia EPD to recover the fuel and mitigate any potential environmental impact.