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ADA Policy

Equal Opportunity Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Effective Date: January 1, 2010
Revision Date: January 4, 2019

It is the policy of CSX Corporation, Inc. and its subsidiaries (“CSX” or the “Company”) to afford equal employment opportunity to all qualified individuals with disabilities as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (“”ADA”), as amended, in all employment-related decisions.

CSX has long recognized that its employees create great value for the company. Accordingly, it is company policy to support employees and candidates affected by mental or physical impairments, which may limit their opportunities to be productive. It is the company’s intent to provide support and assistance, consistent with the ADA, as amended, and business demands, within reason, to qualified individuals who are disabled. As appropriate, CSX will attempt to eliminate artificial barriers to employment in order to afford all individuals opportunities to pursue available employment to the extent of their abilities and talents. As part of this policy, CSX will work to seek reasonable accommodations for applicants in the employment process, qualified employees with disabilities and for applicants with disabilities who have been offered employment.

Reasonable Accommodation Process:

  • CSX is committed to assisting individuals that have disabilities, injuries, or illnesses maintain and find employment opportunities within our company. We provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities - so long as the accommodation does not create an undue hardship or direct threat to workplace safety – and comply with all federal and state laws concerning the employment of individuals with disabilities.
  • If you believe you need an accommodation to perform the essential functions of your job, the CSX Occupational Health/Medical Department can assist you in exploring available options. To initiate a request, fill out the Job Accommodation Request Form on the CSX Gateway and fax it to the CSX Medical Department at: 904-245-2052. The Vocational Rehabilitation Services team will process your form and contact you to complete the process.

The cooperation of all employees is expected and necessary to make this policy a reality. Employees with questions about this policy, reasonable accommodation, or who feel they have been treated unfairly because of a disability, perceived disability, or record of a disability should contact their appropriate Human Resources Business Partner or Employee Relations Representative at 1-800-737-1663 or electronically at www.csx.ethicspoint.com