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Pay & Benefits

Learn About CSX Benefits

CSX provides competitive benefits and compensation programs.

Benefits vary by craft or union for contract or agreement positions. Refer to the benefits summaries on the Your Track To Health website for details.

A summary of benefits for management jobs follows.


Savings and Investments

Benefits Eligibility Description
CSX Pension Plan Date of Hire Cash balance formula funded by CSX. Vesting requires 3 years of eligible service.
CSXtra 401(k) Plan Date of Hire (Vested) 401(k) Plan allows pretax and Roth 401(k) contributions subject to IRS limits. CSX will match 100% on the first 1% and 50% of the next 2-6% of employee contributions.
Railroad Retirement
Date of Hire for Covered Employees Government-sponsored benefit for the majority of CSX employees. RR taxes are required instead of Social Security (FICA) taxes for both RR employee and employer. Vesting requires 5 years of eligible service. Upon retirement, receive an annuity from the Railroad Retirement Board.


Health and Welfare

Benefits Eligibility Description
Medical Coverage includes medical, prescription drug benefits, mental health benefits, disease management Date of Hire Consumer Driven Health Plan with a Health Savings Account (HSA).  A CSX-funded Health Reimbursement Account is available for employees not eligible for the HSA.
Dental Coverage Date of Hire - Dental PPO (in and out of network)
- Dental DMO (in network only; available in select locations)
CSX and employee paid.
Flexible Spending Accounts Date of Hire Pre-tax contributions by employee to pay for eligible health care (up to $2,500) and for dependent day care expenses (up to $5,000).
Vision Plan Date of Hire Coverage for vision care services including regular exams, glasses, contacts and laser vision correction. Employee paid.
Life Insurance Date of Hire - Basic Life Insurance with premium paid by CSX.
- Optional Term Life Insurance -- Additional group term life insurance available to employee and dependents. Employee paid.
Employee Assistance Program Date of Hire Confidential counseling, guidance and referral service program for employees and their dependents.
Short Term Disability One Month CSX provided salary continuance – a percentage of salary up to 26 weeks depending on length of service.
Long Term Disability Six Months A percentage of predisability earnings up to a monthly benefit maximum. Premium paid by CSX.
Accident Insurance Date of Hire - Accidental death and dismemberment insurance benefit paid by CSX.
- Optional additional benefit available. Employee paid.
Travel Accident Insurance Date of Hire Accidental death insurance while traveling on company business. Premium paid by CSX.
Pre-Paid Legal Coverage Date of Hire Pre-paid legal services. Employee paid.
AFLAC Date of Hire Personal Accident, Recovery, and Income Protection. Employee paid.


Other Benefits

Benefits Eligibility Description
Management Incentive Compensation Program (MICP) Date of Hire Annual bonus opportunity based on the band of the position, the performance of the company and individual performance.
Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) Date of Hire Long-term, stock-based bonus opportunity based on company performance. (Band 6 and above)
Vacation Date of Hire From 3-6 weeks depending on length of service and employing business unit. Option to purchase up to 1 additional week after 1 year of service.
Holidays Date of Hire Eleven paid holidays (three flex holidays).
Financial Planning Date of Hire Free and fee-based financial planning services available through Empower Retirement.
Tuition Reimbursement Three Months Reimbursement up to $5,250 per calendar year for eligible expenses.
Military Leave Date of Hire Pay differential and leave of absence to National Guard and Reserve service members.
Reward & Recognition Program Date of Hire Cash or non-cash awards given by CSX to recognize exceptional effort by an employee or group of employees.
Service Award Program Date of Hire Awards recognizing company service on certain anniversary dates.
Diversity Councils & Inclusion Groups Date of Hire Volunteer organizations to help develop and sustain a strong, diverse organization.
Wellness Centers and Programs Date of Hire Wellness Center Fitness Facilities in select locations. Weight management, smoking cessation, immunizations, nutrition counseling, health screenings and physical activities programs.
Associate Development Program Date of Hire A structured, personalized mentoring program linking an employee with a coach for a period of one year.
MetLife Auto, Home and Pet Insurance Date of Hire Optional automobile, home and pet insurance at discount when purchased in conjunction with MetLife's optional life insurance.
Aetna Date of Hire Discounts on fitness, vision and alternative medicine.
Maternity Leave Date of Hire 10 weeks paid leave for new birth mothers.
Parental Leave Date of Hire 2 weeks paid leave for non-birth parents, including foster and adoptive parents.


Please note:
This is a general overview of CSX benefits. It is not intended to be a summary plan description or a Plan Document. CSX reserves the right to change or terminate its benefits plans at any time.