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Packaging Statement

CSX Procurement & Supply Chain Management Packaging Statement
Component/Material Packaging Policy

Establish policy for the safe, efficient, damage prevention packaging of materials and components received from approved CSX suppliers and proper return packaging to our suppliers.

This policy covers items purchased for the repair and maintenance of locomotives, freight cars, signal systems, track, communications, bridge, facility maintenance and MOW work equipment.


  • Unless otherwise specified in a CSX Procurement Specification, all components and materials will be packaged by the suppliers for shipment to CSX facilities and CSX personnel for return of reclaimable components and materials per the guidelines listed below.
  • Components such as locomotive power assemblies, air compressors, turbochargers and blowers may have specialized shipping containers that must be used to safely ship components and prevent potential injury or damage to material. Components must be returned to the supplier in the same type containers.
  • Fiber or plastic banding and/or shrink wrap is the preferred method for securing components or materials to skids for shipment. However, this does not supersede CSX Procurement Specifications, AAR or AREMA packaging requirements. CSX discourages the use of metal banding if possible. Components and materials loaded onto pallets for shipping must not extend over the edges of the pallet.
  • Components and materials shipped in cardboard boxes must have internal packaging to prevent damage during shipment. Boxes must be sealed using tape or glue. Use of metal staples is not permitted. Corner protectors should be used to prevent damage during shipping and handling and shippers should refrain from pyramid stacking if possible.
  • CSX Procurement & Supply Chain Management Department will package components and materials for return to suppliers using these same guidelines to prevent damage and injury to people handling these items.
  • Pallets used for the shipment of components and materials must be constructed and suitable to support the weight during shipment and handling.
  • Where feasible, boxes should be designed with slots for lifting and carrying to reduce the incidence of possible back injury.
  • Containers such as tubs and deep boxes are not recommended for shipment of materials and components. Most CSX facilities store materials and components at waist height to eliminate bending and lifting.
  • All shipments of components and materials must be identified per CSX procurement specifications, Procurement Manager instructions or requirements noted in Purchase Order.