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Restoring Wildlife Habitat

The award winning Raleigh Street environmental remediation site in Tampa, Fla. 


CSX’s commitment to being a good neighbor applies to people and  the environment. This means conducting thoughtful remediation of CSX property, even when a third party caused the damage.


In April 2017, cleanup efforts paid off when CSX and its subsidiary Atlantic Land & Improvement (ALI) were awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 4 Excellence in Site Reuse Award for their commitment and dedication to remediating the Raleigh Street third-party dump site in Tampa, Fla.


The site is located along the northeastern shore of McKay Bay, with a section of Delany Creek entering the northwest portion of the site, creating a salt marsh wetland. For nearly two decades, four acres of railroad property at the Raleigh Street site were used as a dumping ground for waste ranging from battery casings to tires and construction debris.


CSX led a massive cleanup effort on the Raleigh Street site by:

  • Removing and disposing approximately 23,000 tons of contaminated soil and sediment;
  • Removing and disposing approximately 10,000 tons of hazardous soil;
  • Recycling more than 40 tons of tires;
  • Removing exotic, non-native species from south shore of wetland areas; and
  • Maintaining mangroves in wetland areas.


Following the cleanup, CSX transformed the old dump site into a natural habitat by using clean soil and planting vegetation that make the wetland a comfortable, accommodating home for many kinds of wildlife.


Enhancements include a wildflower meadow; brush piles; native, non-invasive plant species; and Florida milkweed to help establish a Monarch butterfly corridor habitat, as part of their annual migration. Finally, to make the area even more livable for nearby animals, CSX added nesting boxes, reptile and amphibian basking logs and drying perches for birds.


These efforts were also recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council when the site received its “Wildlife at Work” certification for the dramatic transformation.


Looking to the future, CSX will continue to monitor restoration of groundwater, ensuring that the site remains able to support the wildlife that can now call it home.