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CSX Transportation Pleased with STB's Duke Decision

2/4/2004 12:02:00 AM
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Jacksonville, Fla.

CSX Transportation Inc. (CSXT) is pleased with the findings of the Surface Transportation Board (STB), upholding CSXT's tariff rates charged to Duke Energy Corporation for rail shipments of coal to three Duke power plants served by CSXT.

The STB's decision in the case brought by Duke (Finance Docket No. 42070) is posted on the Board's web site at www.stb.dot.gov under "Decisions & Notices."

"The Board's decision supports our position that CSXT established fair rates for Duke," said Christopher Jenkins, vice president - coal and auto service group. "We regret that Duke chose to cancel its transportation contract with CSXT so that it could bring a costly, long case to the Board. After reviewing all the evidence, the Board found that the tariff rates established by CSXT are lawful and fairly reflect the cost of CSXT"s service.

"While we are pleased with the result of this case, at the same time, we have always been willing to negotiate private contracts that provide discounts in exchange for considerations such as volume commitments," Jenkins said.

The decision found that the railroad had demonstrated successfully that the capital and operating costs to move coal from source mines in the Appalachian Mountains to Duke's plants amply justified the challenged rates.

"CSXT continues to deliver tremendous value," Jenkins said. "To do that, we must be able to recover the significant costs of maintaining and operating essential rail infrastructure while re-investing in our capital-intensive business. We look forward to continuing to work closely with Duke to serve its plants safely, reliably and efficiently."
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Gary Sease