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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics (PDF)

The Right Way: How You Get There Matters
CSX Code of Ethics

A Message from Our President and Chief Executive Officer

Dear CSX Colleague,

Integrity. Transparency. Respect. The basics of ethical behavior aren’t complicated, but business situations can be. We all have times when we need clear guidelines to point us in the right direction. That’s why the CSX Code of Ethics is essential reading for every employee and business partner.

Our colleagues, our customers, our shareholders and the public need to know they can count on us to consistently do the right thing — to properly handle the tremendous responsibility that has been placed in our hands. Whether we’re meeting with customers, communicating with investors or making decisions that impact the safety of our teammates and communities, we must hold ourselves accountable to our company’s high ethical standards.

If the right course is not clear, pick up this booklet to learn about the resources available to you. And if you see questionable behavior, speak up by reporting the situation to a supervisor or by calling the CSX Ethics Help Line. It’s your obligation under the Code, and retaliation will not be tolerated by this company against anyone who makes a goodfaith report about a known or suspected Code violation.

From the day I joined CSX, one of my strongest impressions has been your commitment to consistently conducting yourselves in the best interests of the company. People are the foundation of CSX, and your personal integrity and respect for your coworkers are vital building blocks for ensuring our company’s long-term success.

James M. Foote

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Our Vision:

To be the safest, most progressive North American railroad, relentless in the pursuit of customer and employee excellence.

Our Purpose:

To capitalize on the efficiency of rail transportation to serve America.

Our Core Values:

  • It Starts with the Customer
    • Reliable service is our key to growth.
    • Grow by understanding and meeting needs.
    • Become easier to do business with.
    • Own their problems – win their business.
  • People Make the Difference
    • Every employee engaged and adding value.
    • Emphasis on professional and personal growth.
    • Expect a lot – have fun – celebrate success.
    • Treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Safety is a Way of Life
    • Live safely for your family.
    • Take time to be safe.
    • Look out for each other.
    • Safety affects customers.
  • Fact-Based
    • Use customer-based performance measures.
    • Fix the problem, not its symptoms.
    • Improve performance with facts.
    • Validate – don’t speculate.
  • Right Results, Right Way
    • Reward our shareholders.
    • Be a positive influence on communities and the environment.
    • How you get there matters.
    • Avoid fault-fixing.

Want to learn more? Visit the Employee Gateway or www.csx.com.


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