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Longitudinal Occupancy Permits

Longitudinal Utilities - utilities that run alongside (i.e. parallel) the railroad tracks and/or CSX property.

Permitting Process:

  • Phase 1: Initial feasibility study - CSX will perform a high level review of your proposed project and will provide a response as to whether or not it is feasible on CSX’s property.
  • Phase 2: Full Permit Review - CSX will oversee engineering reviews, perform site walks with utility as necessary, coordinate approval(s) with CSX internal departments, and prepare an agreement for execution.
  • Phase 3: Construction - CSX will coordinate with utility to schedule construction and provide protection and inspection services.

Steps on how to get started:

  • Submit a Utility Application through the CSX Property Portal, be sure to include the information below.
    • Upload the following information as an attachment with your Utility Application submittal:
      • Scope of work
      • Description of proposed utility (e.g. commodity, size and number conduits, method of installation, etc.)
      • Anticipated Construction Start Date
      • Aerial photo showing cut points (i.e. points where utility ingress and egresses CSX property) and proposed typical running line/alignment. Provide a .kmz file or equivalent if available.

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