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New Customers

Would you like to ship your product by rail? Let us help you find a warehouse that meets your needs.

Click here (PDF) to download information on how to incorporate a warehouse into your supply chain.

To start shipping your product on rail, you should:
  • Refer to the New to CSX or Rail information.
  • Determine which warehouse(s) can handle your product at origin/destination. Locate a Warehouse
  • Contact the warehouse for a price quote.
What you need to know before calling a warehouse to secure a price quote:
  • What are you shipping?
  • When is the anticipated start/end date?
  • How many rail cars do you plan to ship each month/year?
  • What are the dimensions of your product (length, width and height)?
  • What is the per-unit weight of your product?
  • Will on-site storage be required?
  • Will the warehouse need to provide you any value-added services?
  • Will you need to hire a trucking company to provide transportation services between the warehouse and the origin/destination?
Most warehouses offer the following services:
  • Cross docking and handling.
  • On-site storage.
Many rail-served warehouses also provide value-added services, such as:
  • Trucking.
  • Wrapping and repalletizing.
  • Stripping/stuffing containers.
  • Inventory tracking systems (i.e., bar coding technology).
  • System integration through EDI data transfers.