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To contact CSX for non-emergency issues, use TellCSX.

Report an Emergency: 1-800-232-0144

Report any issue that risks the safety of any person immediately. Be prepared to tell us your name, location and what you observed.

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CSX’s Customer Support at 877-ShipCSX is available 24 hours a day, dedicated to help you with:

  • Training and Support with eBusiness tools, such as ShipCSX
  • Tracking your Shipment
  • Payment Information
  • Invoicing
  • Information about Publications and Tariffs
  • Car Utilization

CSX de Mexico also provides a local support-line for the above and more in Spanish, by calling within Mexico at +52 (55)3067-1907 or emailing at

  • Invoice Disputes Intermediary
  • Credit Application & Cash Cars
  • Service Startup & Integration

Mexico FAQs

How do I apply for credit with CSX de Mexico?

If you are a freight payer in Mexico, you are required to apply for credit through CSX de Mexico. This process takes approximately 10 business days. Once your financial health is verified through the Credit Bureau in Mexico, credit is approved by CSX to provide credit in the United States. Contact us at or call +52(55)3067-1907 (if calling from the U.S., you must dial 011 before the number), to learn more about the credit requirements and procedure.

How should I make payments to CSX de Mexico SA de CV?

Payments should be made directly to CSX Transportation through wire transfer and/or through credit card payment. CSX de Mexico SA de CV does not accept direct payments.

If I don't have established credit with CSX, how is payment handled?

If you do not have credit with CSX, you can pay the freight of your goods by having credit with either the Mexican rail carrier or the connecting carrier in the U.S. An option is also available for cash cars.

How does CSX transport its goods into Mexico? Are other rail carriers involved?

If your goods originate in CSX territory, CSX has the infrastructure to move them from your origin to the gateway with the connecting carrier in the U.S. (either with but not limited to: UP , BNSF , KCS , CGR ). The connecting carrier will then deliver it to a Mexican carrier (KCSM, FXE, FSRR) at the cross-border point, who will deliver it to the final destination. If you are a non-rail customer, our intermodal service  may meet your needs. Contact your account manager or for more information.

How long will it take for my products to arrive in Mexico?

Estimated transit times are provided upon request, for information purposes only. Transborder shipments originating from Canada or the U.S. to Mexico, or vice versa, may vary from carrier to carrier. Contact your Account Manager for more information or email to get general cross-border information on rail and intermodal transit time.

What if my product is damaged while in transit?

CSX Transportation has professionals in the field who will help you clarify all your doubts regarding freight claims. We are also proactive in avoiding damaged products by load design in-house from our Load & Engineering Design specialized for your product. Contact your Account Manager to see if you qualify for a COMPLIMENTARY Load Engineering Design Plan specific to your product.

Where can I find updates on service-related issues such as curfews and weather?

You can find customer news and service bulletins in our News section or on ShipCSX.

How do I create a waybill or bill of lading for cars going to Mexico?

Use our eBusiness tool You must be a CSX customer and register for ShipCSX. You also can contact our eBusiness specialists at 1-877-744-7279, option 2, or email us at for more information.

Does my shipment require a broker?

Yes, all shipments going from Canada or U.S. to Mexico require a corresponding Canadian, or U.S. Freight Forwarder, as well as a Mexican customs broker, to take care of customs clearance on both sides of the border.

How do I make sure my bill of lading and/or shipping instructions have all the proper border information to enter Mexico?

Our eBusiness professionals can help you with your shipping instructions / bill of lading. Contact us at 1(877)744-7279 (if dialing in the U.S.), option 2, and ask for an EDI representative. If calling from outside the U.S., dial +1(882)744-7279.

Will I be charged if my shipments are detained at the border?

While CSX does not charge demurrage for cars detained at the border, or if they are not cleared for customs, the connecting and/or Mexican carriers could charge demurrage charges - your car must clear customs 72 hours prior to being released to avoid such charges.

What modes of transportation can be used to get my products to Mexico?

Depending on the volume of your goods, CSX offers several solutions that can meet your transportation needs, including rail, intermodal, TRANSFLO, warehousing contacts and more, that can meet your logistics requirements. Contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.

Are there any restrictions to types of commodities at border crossings?

Although NAFTA facilitates free-trade between Mexico, U.S. and Canada, currently there are some restrictions for some commodities. Contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you and see if your goods can cross the border without restrictions via rail.

What are the addresses and main phone numbers for the primary locations in Mexico?

CSX de Mexico has 2 offices located in Mexico City and Monterrey. See our Mexico locations and directory

How can I get a price quote from CSX de Mexico?

Email us at and we will be happy to get back with you to design a rail-oriented transportation solution to your needs.

How do I become a CSX de Mexico customer?

Whenever you ship to/from Mexico using the CSX network you become a CSX de Mexico customer. You can contact us at or at +52 (55) 3067-1900 for more information, if you are calling from the U.S. you must dial 011 before the 52.

I do not have access to rail lines. What locations are available for my goods to be received into Mexico?

Access to rail lines is not an obstacle for us. Whenever you want to ship to or from Mexico, our bilingual professionals can help you find the best solution to meet your business needs. Contact your Account Manager or email us at, and let us help.

Is it possible to invest in CSX de Mexico?

CSX de Mexico is a sales representation office for CSX Transportation, with no physical operations in Mexico.  You can always invest in CSX Corporation, please visit CSX Stock Quote & Chart page for more information.