TRANSFLO Awarded 10-Year Contract as Part of Multi-Modal Solution

Beginning in September, CSX subsidiary TRANSFLO will begin a new operation to move containerized freight from the nation’s largest metropolitan area. TRANSFLO is one of the largest transloading networks in North America, specializing in safely and efficiently transferring bulk products from one form of transportation to another.

TRANSFLO helps customers who want the economic benefits of rail without the infrastructure. In its terminal locations throughout the eastern U.S. and Canada, TRANSFLO has performed more than four million product transfers while maintaining an impressive safety record.

Partnership to Benefit New York City Residents

In partnership with Waste Management, TRANSFLO is an integral supply chain partner for moving waste from New York City efficiently and sustainably.

The multi-modal transportation solution includes truck, barge and rail transport to get the freight to its final destination. New, state-of-the art equipment includes a lift operation to transfer sealed containers onto barges at two marine transfer stations. TRANSFLO brings extensive industry knowledge, and CSX has been providing environmentally responsible solutions for moving waste for more than 25 years.

This new transportation partnership furthers the city’s plan for reducing reliance on long-haul trucking, which, according to Waste Today, will “reduce annual truck travel by more than 60 million miles, including more than 5 million miles in and around New York City, and will cut greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste transport by more 34,000 tons annually.”

“The New York Department of Sanitation was looking for a seamless transportation solution that would be a good fit for residents,” said Roy Neal, Director Merchandise Sales and Terminal Services for CSX. “TRANSFLO is able to offer safe, flexible and responsible transloading to make this partnership successful.”