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Short Line Workshop Brings Together CSX and Short Line Partners

Short Line ConferenceThe CSX Short Line Workshop is a highly anticipated annual event for both CSX and our partner railroads. Held March 3-4 in St. Augustine, Fla., the 2019 event marked the 30th year of the workshop and was another successful opportunity for leaders to gather and discuss mutual operations and the railroad industry.

Highlights of the event were executive presentations, market breakout sessions and a trade show. Mark Wallace, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, gave insight into the CSX focus areas for 2019. Ed Harris, Executive Vice President of Operations, spoke about how CSX and short lines can work together more efficiently, and Chief Financial Officer Frank Lonegro gave an update on company financials.

“Our relationships with our short line partners are critical to successful operations and meeting customer demands,” said Shannon Scott, Director of Intercarrier Agreements and Services. “We had attendees from more than 100 different railroads at the event, so we were able to reach a large audience.”

“The conference helps us develop better relationships with our partner railroads,” said Tony DiDeo, Director of Intercarrier Management. “Strong relationships with short lines help improve operational efficiency and create more revenue growth opportunities.”