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Short Line Directory - Profile

See the details below for specific information pertaining to your selected Short Line location. 

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Short Line Location & Contact Information:
Short Line Code: WTNN
Short Line Name: West Tennessee Railroad
Website Address: http://www.wtnnrr.com/about.html 
Commercial Contact Name: Jj Hohorst
Commercial Contact Phone: (732) 842-0912
Commercial Contact Address: N/A
Sea Bright, NJ 07760
Operational Contact Name: Jj Hohorst
Operational Contact Phone: (732) 842-0912
Operational Contact Address: N/A
Sea Bright, NJ 07760
States Operating In: TN
Junction Points: N/A
Settlement Type: Interline Settlement System
Holding Company: Independent Short Line
Road Number: N/A
No. of Miles Operated: 184
286,000 lb. Gross Weight: No
Bulk Commodity Storage: No
Loading / Unloading Ramp: No
Rolling Stock Available: Yes
Rolling Stock car type: Grain Hoppers and Mill Gondolas
Team Track Capability: Yes
Team Track Locations: Jackson, Humboldt, Milan, Henderson
Lease Track Capability: Yes
Lease Track - Track Feet: 26,000
Lumber Reload Facility: No
No. of Lumber Facility Car Spots: 5
Warehouse Facility: No
Transload Facility: No
Auto Ramp Facility: No
Car Repair Facility: No
Locomotive Repair Facility: No
Roll On-Off Ramp Facility: No
LPG Terminal Facility: No
Unit Train Capable Facility: No