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CSX Short Line Committee

In 1996, CSXT established a committee of short lines that is known today as the Short Line Committee (SLC). The objective of this committee has evolved over time, and today it exists to accomplish two primary objectives:

  1. Provide CSXT a means to research, promote, and implement initiatives that influence short line partnerships. There is a focus on practices that increase operational efficiency, asset utilization, and business development; and
  2. Provide CSXT’s short line community with a resource that can communicate with CSXT about systemic issues affecting the broader community. The committee’s role is intended to address those themes that arise from multiple roads.

The short line SLC members include eight members that are representative of CSXT’s broader short line community across all four operating regions, meeting three to four times per year, or as necessary, to accomplish current objectives. Members serve a 2-year term once appointed by CSXT. 


Short Line Committee Resources