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Non-Accident Releases

CSX actively works with shippers and other carriers to eliminate non-accident releases of hazardous materials from rail cars. Our hazmat professionals provide training to hazmat shippers, work to identify root causes and serve on committees dedicated to promoting rail transportation safety.

CSX, along with other rail carriers, developed the Non-Accident Release Risk Index (NARRI) to help us understand the potential risks of non-accident releases and for use as a tool to communicate with shippers. The NARRI allows the industry to track the frequency and gauge severity of non-accident releases. Learn more about reducing NARs on the AAR website: http://nar.aar.com

NAR Switching Charge

If a non-accidental release occurs, CSX must act promptly to address the situation, and may incur costs related to environmental clean-up, service disruption and crews required for moving cars. CSX assesses a minimum charge for hazardous material rail cars involved in a non-accidental release. The charge is $5,000 per car per event. CSX also rebills customers for any contractor response costs that may be incurred as a result of a non-accident release.

Learn more in the CSXT 8100 Publication.

Inspection Requirements

The US DOT sets inspection requirements for shippers who offer rail cars containing hazardous materials, and presumes, that, if a fitting is found loose and the car released product, then a proper inspection was not performed.

US DOT Securement Presumption (PDF)

Chemical Safety Excellence Awards

CSX recognizes qualified customers who ship more than 600 carloads of hazardous materials annually without experiencing a non-accident release.

Learn more about CSX’s Chemical Safety Excellence Awards.