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Notices and Station Listings


CSXT5 Supplement Letter (3) (PDF) (Updated 03-15-2019)

CSXT5 Reissue Letter (PDF) (Updated 12-21-2017)

Rule 11 Notice (PDF)  (Posted 08/27/2004)

BNSF Policy Notice (PDF)  (Effective 11/01/2001)
Routing Guides: Choose the most efficient interchange locations for shipments with other carriers.

View the CSXT Price List Reissue Calendar (Excel) for anticipated price list reissue dates.

Station Listings

Price lists use the CSXT5 Region Groups Station Listing, to identify the stations that apply within a group, unless otherwise noted. The supplements identify changes to the listing.

CSXT5 Region Groups (Excel)  (Updated 03-15-2019)

Supplement: CSXT5Locations (1)(Excel)  (Updated 05-22-2018)

Supplement: CSXT5Locations (2) (Excel) (Updated 10-19-2018)

Supplement: CSXT5Locations (3) (Excel) (Updated 03-15-2019)


Notices & Station Listings Archive