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1. Getting Started

I'm new to rail. How do I get started?

How do I know if rail will work at my facility?

What if I am not located on rail? How can I take advantage of the economies of shipping by rail?

Can I purchase property with rail access?

I want to import/export my product to the U.S. East Coast. Can I still use rail?

Is rail safe for my product?


2. Pricing

How can I get a price quote from CSX?

What information do I need to request a price?

What is a STCC?

How do I find the STCC for my commodity?

How do I get a bundled price to include rail, transloading or warehousing to my final destination?

Can I see private contract prices?

What is a price authority?

What is Rule 11?

Can I retrieve Interline prices?


3. ShipCSX, eBusiness

How do I get a User ID and Password for ShipCSX?

How do I go about conducting transactions with CSX?

Do I have to use ShipCSX for transactions? My company has its own computer system.


4. Ordering and Loading Cars

Do I have to use a certain car for the products I ship?

How do I order an empty car to be loaded?

What are the guidelines for ordering cars?

How do I change or cancel a car order?

What is the best way to load my rail cars?

What are dunnage and airbags? Why do I need them?

How do I release a loaded car?


5. Shipping Instructions/Bill of Lading

What are shipping instructions and why are they important?

How do I submit shipping instructions to CSX?


6. During and After Shipping

What if I think there may be a problem with my shipment?

What is demurrage? How do I manage it?

Is car cleaning really necessary?

What if my product is damaged while in transit?


7. Credit, Billing and Payment

What is Rule 29?

Where can I find out about the fuel surcharge?

How do I pay my freight bills?

If I don't have established credit with CSX, how is payment handled?